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Cooperation rules

  1. General provisions
    1. BADZIŃSKI Translation Bureau undertakes translation in accordance with the price list unless otherwise stipulated.
    2. In the non-regulated issues, the common regulations of the law are legally binding.
  2. Conditions of co-operation regarding translation
    1. A standard page accounts for 1500 characters, including spaces and the payment depends on the number of characters from the target language based on the Word Programme.
    2. In a sworn translation, a page accounts for 1125 characters with spaces, and each additional sign constitutes the next page of the document.
    3. The minimum amount of money is one page of the document translated.
    4. The deadlines are always settled with the Client individually, differently each time and the translation done within 24 hours is considered express.
    5. The sworn translation includes a paper printout (1 copy). For additional sworn copies, extra money is collected.
    6. When the translation is delivered by fax, e-mail, or courier, BADZIŃSKI Translation Bureau holds no responsibility for delays regarding e.g. tele-communicative disruptions or faults which are on the side of the courier.
    7. BADZIŃSKI Translation Bureau reserves the right to refuse to accept (non)-sworn translation or interpreting.
    8. The rules regarding the activities of sworn translators are regulated by the Minister of Justice.
  3. The rules concerning the fee and cost coverage
    1. The Client is obliged to check all the data on the provided document before paying for the service.
    2. The amount of compensation for any losses incurred related to the translation by BADZIŃSKI Translation Bureau is limited to the nett due amount for standard translation done by the BADZIŃSKI Translation Bureau.
    3. A 23% VAT is not added to the translation/interpreting.
    4. The Client is obliged to pay for the service the very same day the translation is delivered unless stipulated otherwise.
    5. When translation/interpreting has been started and the Client abandons the order, they are obliged to pay the total amount of the payment settled by BADZIŃSKI Translation Bureau.
  4. In the case of translation/interpreting with a particularly high level of difficulty (specialist texts), Clients are requested to provide the sources of professional terminology/glossary and/or consultation with the specialist.